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Still Have Questions?

The vast majority of our Website Support clients:

  1. Appreciate the concept of only paying for what they actually use and benefit from.
  2. Love the precise clarity about what is and what is not included.
  3. Like having full peace of mind knowing that their website will always be online, and their customers will always have a safe and speedy experience.
  4. Enjoy having direct access to us in the event anything ever does go wrong or if they have any questions about how to manage their content or store (i.e. blogs, products, etc.).

Excellent question!

Let’s start by saying that even though this plan doesn’t include it, we are more than happy to make updates to the structure, design, or content of the website.

We offer Website Support without those types of updates because including them creates confusion and unfair service agreements for both parties.

A much better solution is to treat those requests as mini projects and bill them as one-time fixed costs.

That way, you are never paying for value that you don’t use.

A very important question. Our Website Support service does not include:

  • Any changes to the structure, design, or content of the website. All changes and additional development are custom-quoted as a mini projects.
  • Domain name(s) fees – don’t ever let anyone own or pay for your business domain name. It’s a dangerous game.
  • Site specific paid software – For example, if you want to add a plugin to your website that we can’t buy a multipack of licenses for and use for other clients, you’ll have to pay for that plugin directly.

Yes! We offer WordPress Website Development. You can learn more about it here.