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A Testimonial From Lindsay Dew

My experience working with FindIT Tech has been very positive. Mark has helped me from the very beginning of the creation of my company to help me set a clear path and goals to help my company succeed. The first thing we did was meet up to talk about the basic things I needed to start my company. We talked about things from what font I wanted to use for all my documents to what message I wanted to send as a company. From there we worked together by sharing documents such as my mission statement to put onto my website and social media. Mark was there for me every step of the way answering any question I had and making sure we were getting everything done to get my website up and running. When I first saw my website, it was everything I wanted and more. I felt so professional, even as a very small company. I would definitely recommend FindIT Tech to all who are starting their own company, who need a website, or anyone who wants to improve their social media presence. Mark is very educated and was always there to help me with whatever I needed. Even after the website was ‘done’ he still had suggestions on how to improve my website and help it be more convenient for me and my clients. I was very satisfied, and continue to be satisfied, at all the work FindIT Tech has put into me and my company. Thank you Mark!

Lindsay Dew