Our Process

Our goal is to make this experience as efficient as possible. Your time is valuable, and so is ours. We are 100% upfront and transparent when it comes to our process. This has led to much stronger relationships with our clients and resulted in even better projects. Below, you will find more information about our web development process.

Phase 1


The Discovery phase is crucial. It includes steps like creating a sitemap, wireframing page templates, and creating a technical brief. Before we can build anything, we need to plan out exactly what we’re going to build.

Step 1

Clarity Call

We’ll have a 1-hour meeting to discuss your website. This call will result in 1 of 3 outcomes:

  1. You have a completed sitemap and design direction. We can provide you with a Proposal.
  2. You don’t know exactly what you want/need, therefore neither do we. We need to extend Discovery.
  3. We aren’t the right team for the project. We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Step 2

Paid Discovery

Before we start building, we need to figure out exactly what you need. We will take a deep dive to scope out exactly what we’re going to create for you.  This steps will result in 1 of 3 outcomes, each of which are a win for you:

  1. You find out that you don’t need to continue with this project. You spent a small amount of money to save a lot of money.
  2. You like the solution we delivered, but you don’t like us. You can take the full plans to another agency and have them build it. No hard feelings.
  3. You like the solution we delivered and want to work with us. We

Step 3

Sitemap Creation

We need to figure out how many and exactly which pages are going to be on your website.

Step 4

Page Wireframing

Now that we know what the sitemap of your website, we need to lay out how the pages are going to look.

Phase 2


In the Design phase, we will be creating the website “on paper”. Well, not on actual paper, but rather by using a design tool to give you a feel of what the finished website will look like.

Step 1

Style Guide

We need to create a style guide to use on your website. This includes fonts, color, and overall aesthetic.

Step 2

Content Briefing

We talk about what kind of content we need from you.

Step 3

Full Website Design

We will design all of the pages in our design tool.

Phase 3


In the Development phase, we will use the design files that we created to develop the fully functional website.

Step 1

Front End Development

We’ll begin creating the website’s design in WordPress.

Step 2

Back End Customization

We’ll ensure the admin portion of your website is as easy as possible to use.

Step 3

Integrations Implementation

We will set up all integrations needed for the website.

Step 4

Testing & Review

Phase 4


It’s crunch time! We’re fine-tuning the technical SEO, training your team on the content management processes, and getting the website ready to go LIVE!

Step 1

Technical SEO Setup

We’ll make sure your site has basic SEO set up.

Step 3

Website Owner’s Manual Creation

We’ll create and share a huge document that contains every technical detail about your website in case you ever need it.

Step 4

Content Management Training

We’ll train your team on how to update content.

Step 5

Search Engine Submission

We will submit your website to search engines to be indexed.

Step 6

Website Launch

We launch your website to the public.

Phase 5


We’re monitoring your website 24/7 to make sure it stays as good as it did on day 1.

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Phase 6


We’re catapulting your business into the stratosphere.

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